Brahma Group is a start-up studio that works with the world’s leading companies to transform breakthrough ideas into market-leading startups.

We work closely with our clients to investigate new markets, launch new products, implement new business models, accelerate customer adoption, scale operational capacity, and secure external financing.

We apply an agile methodology for turning early-stage concepts into customer-ready products, and employ a lean approach for growing new businesses to achieve market success.

Why Work With Us?

We work with our client companies to drive accelerated innovation and explore untapped market opportunities.  We do this by applying the proven tools and approaches pioneered in the world of startups and fast growth companies.

We complement a company’s existing team with our own dedicated network of technologists, innovators, and business builders who have been through the startup process multiple times, either with clients or our own ventures.


We have deep operational experience in software development, product management, business development, and venture financing — a powerful combination of capabilities to help companies be more innovative and accelerate their growth.

Find Out More

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us at: info@brahmagroup.com