Brahma Group is a strategy and technology consulting firm that helps software companies bring new and innovative products to market.  We help companies launch new products, achieve product-market fit, establish market leadership, and implement scalable revenue models.

We apply an agile and lean approach to every project, whether starting with a new market opportunity, revamping an existing product, or pivoting to a new business plan.  Our approach is to complement a company’s existing team by getting fully involved in the implementation and execution of any project we work on.

Our services include:

  • Product Rescue – we get actively involved to quickly analyze problems with lagging products or businesses, determine effective solutions requiring minimal time and capital, and implement changes by leading teams or by working as a part of your internal team
  • Product-Market Fit – we help companies align with and pursue major market opportunities, based on in-depth customer research and detailed competitive analysis.  And, we provide hands-on assistance to achieve key product milestones, especially when internal resources are limited.
  • Growing Revenue – we help identify approaches for driving customer acquisition and generating revenue that are appropriate for any stage of a company and that can be scaled efficiently. We also work alongside founders to develop business plans, identify investors, and close financings.